Nino Galizzi was born in Bergamo 12th of March 1891.
He studied first at the Andrea Fantoni School of Applied Art and at the Carrara Academy of Bergamo, then he went to Rome and Florence.
He was in the army for almost six years on all the Italian fronts in Macedonia, Serbia e Greece. He earned promotions and decorations of valeur.
After the war he returned to his studies and work, staying in Rome several times and in Paris.
Working and living alternately in Milan, Rome and Bergamo.
Present at many important National exhibitions: Venice Biennial Exhibition, Rome Quadriennial, "La Permanente" in Milan.
He has often collaborated with newspaper and magazine.
He has participated in the organization of competitions and awards as part of various juries.
For some time he taught the art of modelling at the Carrara Academy of Bergamo.

He died in Bergamo 20th of September 1975.